One of the best ways to keep the intimacy alive in the bedroom is to explore your sexual limitations together. The idea of making the most out of it can venture to a more satisfying sex of your life.

Quickies as told so can be so much fun if done right. Dragging of time and setting the couple into a sublime, next level sex with only a second can bring a damn so nice session and sexperience. Moreover, some ways are on top of the list that will guide you or give you genius ideas on how you can craft the so called more fun and satisfying sex in a quickie way.

Car Hire on Fire

Go get a car. A city-based vehicle shares schemes like Zipcar that will let you hire Polo or a Fiesta in a minute. You can use the app to find the nearest available car in your area. This entails fun as you will find excellent sex fixes if the urge for a quickie strikes and there’s no other way or vicinity to get privately coarse and rude. Then on, you’ll think about being a teenager again because of the fact that you are escaping from your parents’ watchful eye.

Make the most out of your clothing

You’ve got to think the fact that you will be on a quickie sex, so therefore, watch out for your clothes. Wear a maxi dress; you know girls, without underwear, if you want to turn it up an extra notch, then hold the skirt fabric out of the way by pulling it up to your face and biting it with your teeth.

Double-duty Vibrator

The sex toys will have a great role for a quickie sex. It works smarter to satisfy both of you and your lover at once just as it doubles the time. Also, one of the most useful ways to kick-start things if you have not got long for your sexing sessions yet your partner is struggling to get hard or both is having a brisk brilliance without involving penetration at all.

Acrobatic Position at its best

Well, definitely if you are making a quickie sex sesh, then probably you are at your utmost position which probably a challenging one for both of you. Indeed, this kind of position won’t feel like such an exhausting mission. To illustrate, if you are on top during the intercourse, then try the leaning backwards position further than you would usually do. This would make the sensations in genitals feel stronger because it will activate your core and you will feel the burn in your abs as well as it pulls the pelvic area slightly more taught. Then on, a satisfying quickie sex will gratify the sexual mood.

Elevating the fun and enjoyment in a few seconds are just one way on how you will think creatively as a partner. You just have to pick up nice ideas, skills and techniques on how you will execute this right. Making your partner explode for a very short time is kinda’ amazing.

Genius ways to make quickie sex more fun and satisfying