People need sex. Sex is passion. Sex is normal so it is normal to see them on TV screens – well, at least today where people are more open-minded. But back long time ago, the only sex scene you can see on TVs were those hands wrap on a sheet, heterosexuals about to kiss down to bed, and two people waking up half naked on the bed.

Seeing TV shows focusing on men’s pleasure is already an old aged. Shows are now showcasing scenes on female perspective of how they feel when they are having sex with someone. Women nowadays are not projected as an object of pleasure but rather a self assertive woman who knows how to find and make her own pleasure. And if you are looking for TV shows with sex scenes focused on female pleasure, scroll down below.

  1. Game of Thrones (Scene 1)

Nude scenes in the Game of Thrones are the perfect examples of art and pleasure at its finest. If you haven’t watched the TV show, which I presumed you don’t, well you are missing something. Like for example, the sex scene of John and Ygritte on the cave. Ygritte stripped off in front of Jon Snow showcasing her bare sexy body that Jon couldn’t resist. John gave her an oral sex and Ygrette made a believable moan of satisfaction. Although the scene was short, it was executed properly. The two are real life couple but it was said that the scene was rehearsed many times before they did it.

  1. Game of Thrones (Scene 2)

Another sex scene from the Game of Thrones is the recently concluded Season 7 where Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get sex on the boat while sailing. The shot was simple, it was just a one steady shot of Jon and Dany and another shot of Jon looking at Dany and Danny was looking at Jon. Although the scene was not a big lovemaking one, it was still one of the best scenes in the TV show because fans celebrated. And viewers can see in the eyes of Dany how pleasured she was having Jon on her bed.

  1. The Tudors

There are tons of sex scenes in The Tudors, but one of the best picks is the boat scene. In this scene, Charles, who escorts Margaret to Lisbon to marry the decrepit King of Portugal, had created sparks between them. They ended up kissing and touching each other. The sex was so intense, more intense than the wave of the sea and the strike of the thunderstorms.

  1. Outlander

This TV show is super hot from the beginning. The best sex scene in this is in the first season during the wedding night of Jamie Fraser and Claire. Jamie is a virgin man while Claire is an experienced one. The show had clearly shown how satisfied Jamie was with the blows Claire were giving him. Claire unleashed her experience side which made their sex scene so erotic and orgasm builder.

  1. Orange is the New Black

There are plentiful of female pleasure sex scenes in the Orange is the New Black. One particular scene is in the Season 5 Episode 9 which is the shower scene. It’s not actually a sex scene but the thought of female-on-female soaping each other’s body under a steamy shower is too hot not to compliment.

  1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a TV show released year 2007. This show is very scandalous with lots of real life events of Upper East Side rich people. One particular sexy scene in this show is the sex scene between Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen in the kitchen. Serena is good in flirting and she had just made it with Nate Archibald. Obviously, Serena in the scene had very good time because she did all the flirting and foreplay scenes.

  1. True Blood

If you are a fan of blood sucking vampire then you probably know how hot vampires are when it comes to bed scene. The Eric and Sookie in sex scene in the snowy land while covered in fur will make you think snow is not actually cold but hot. You could also see from the scene that Sookie is in control of the situation.

  1. Girls

Remember the breathtaking sex scene of Mari and Deri’s in the kitchen? That one is so huge in all honesty. The scene showed Deri doing an anal and oral sex to Mari who is catching her breath and moaning in pleasure on the kitchen sink because of the intense feeling.

  1. The Handmade’s Tale

The sexual tension between Offred and Nick created a blastful sex scene. Though the scene was shot in a very simple way, it was still able to show its viewers the female sexual repression of the show.

8 Hot TV sex scenes focused on female pleasure